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Album artwork for Buddie's album Diving

Buddie | Seeker

Really good indie rock from Philadelphia: it’s that simple! Buddie‘s band bio states “Dan, Danielle, David & Brian playing rock n’ roll out of Philadelphia” and that seems to kind of sum it up. Buddie is an indie rock band. Some might say alternative rock. Some might say power pop. They have fuzzy guitars and […]

Artwork for Slum of Legs self-titled album

Slum of Legs | Sasha Fierce

Queer feminist noise-pop DIY band from Brighton, UK Slum of Legs have been called punk, noise, outsider, experimental and, a personal fave from a review of a 2014 7-inch release, “the post-everything band you didn’t even know you’d been waiting to hear”. (Impose magazine). From their first demo release in 2013, the 6-piece have been releasing […]

Album artwork for Land of OOO's single Sunshine

Land of OOO | Sunshine

Dreamy summer pop from Graz, Austria Part of the reason I started this blog was because I wanted to explore local music from scenes outside my own. Living in a city that has a wealth of excellent bands that often struggle to be heard beyond our immediate (small) region, I know there must be hundreds […]

Album artwork for Smokescreens A Strange Dream

Smokescreens | On and On

Flying Nun inspired California Jangle Pop Put some spring in your step with this jangly pop track from LA’s Smokescreens. Included on their October 2020 Slumberland Records release A Strange Dream, On and On is 3 minutes of indie pop dreaming. Los Angeles’ Smokescreens are a group of friends who bonded through a love for […]

5 Tracks for a Long Weekend

I have to admit, I feel like I’ve had a good run of post-a-day indie music shares since the start of this year. So, as we roll into April and into a long weekend, I’m taking a little break from daily posts, and present 5 tracks that have been added all-at-once to the 2021-a-Day indie […]

Album artwork for Introduction's album Introduction

Introduction | Rollercoaster

Australian indie dream pop mixed with an art punk aesthetic. Adelaide, South Australia trio Introduction released their debut self-titled cassette last June: Deploying a minimalist post-punk approach to echo drenched pop and resonating solidarity with the other girl-gangs, who with soft precision kick a hole in your chest. Bandcamp bio A wandering keyboard over straight […]


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