About 2021 a Day…

2021 a Day is just what it sounds like…

… one new song a day for all of 2021.

I’ve been a long-time indie music fan – rock and pop in all its varieties. I love to hear about a new musician or band and pass them on to others who I think might like it too.

Back in the day, I shared my love of music on college radio. More recently, I’ve done the same though social media and playlists, but with the start of a new year, I thought I’d start a new project. I love to digging through Twitter posts, and recommended lists to find a hidden gem – why not share that digging in a more organized way?

What kind of music will you find here?

My main love is indie rock, with a healthy dose of indie pop on the side.

I live in Canada (on the East Coast to be exact), so you can expect to see that reflected here, but this will by no means be a Canadian music blog. I love exploring the local scenes of other countries and regions and finding their versions of my local scene.

This blog will focus on newish music. Although the name is 2021 a Day, not all the songs will be from 2021. If I come a across a great track from 2020 or 2018, I won’t exclude it just because it’s not new. But, this isn’t a blog about nostalgia. There is so much new music every day: this is a blog about discovering some of that.