Album artwork for Land of OOO's single Sunshine

Land of OOO | Sunshine

Dreamy summer pop from Graz, Austria

Part of the reason I started this blog was because I wanted to explore local music from scenes outside my own. Living in a city that has a wealth of excellent bands that often struggle to be heard beyond our immediate (small) region, I know there must be hundreds of other similar scenes in cities big and small around the world, and I’ve digging to try and find some.

Land of OOO are the third band I’ve shared on this blog that have music released on Vienna’s Numavi Records and the second band from the city of Graz. Formed in 2018, the band has already played with some impressive names (Adult Mom, Muncie Girls) and has released one EP. Their bio refers to “three months of intensive musical rehearsals and self-discovery” as part of their initial process – the best bands often come from these brief, intense spurts of productivity.

This track Sunshine was released as a single in September in advance of a as yet unscheduled first full length. As the spring starts to take hold in my part of the world, I’ve been finding myself draw to songs with a soothing, summertime feel and this one is definitely scratching that itch. And there is a lovely video as well:

Land of OOO join the 2021-a-Day playlist today with fellow Numavi bands Zinn and Oxyjane, but this track would be of additional interest to fans of previous 2021-a-Day tracks from Canadian band Property or New York’s Dig Nitty.