Black and white abstract image cover art for single Wait in the Dark by Hadda Be

Hadda Be | Wait in the Dark

London, UK’s Hadda Be bill themselves as “Pitched between infectiously melancholic indie-pop and angular, post-punk inflected stomps”. There’s not a lot of pop in their most recently released single Wait in the Dark, but there is plenty here for fans of indie rock guitars and slightly foreboding female vocals.

The band, formerly known as Foundlings, has a number of singles a well-received EP in their release roster. As for the name change?

In 2020, with the departure of the band’s original bass player, a new member, a recent introduction to parenthood, a debut album in the works, brexit-induced political turmoil, coronavirus and a US trademark dispute to boot, the newly replenished four-piece made the change to Hadda Be. Taken from Allen Ginsberg’s poem Hadda Be Playing on the Radio, the new name reflects a fresh outlook for the band, a keener understanding of its sound and a heightened sense of purpose.

Band Bio

This track is the second single this year in advance of a full length being released on Last Night in Glasgow records later this month. Hadda Be join the 2021-a-Day Spotify playlist today. Fans of previous 2021-a-Day playlist tracks from Kestrels or Peeling should find more to like here.