5 Tracks for a Long Weekend

I have to admit, I feel like I’ve had a good run of post-a-day indie music shares since the start of this year. So, as we roll into April and into a long weekend, I’m taking a little break from daily posts, and present 5 tracks that have been added all-at-once to the 2021-a-Day indie music playlist. The playlist is now over four hours – the perfect sound track to your long weekend. And it’s Bandcamp Friday, so … you know what to do.

Brooklyn Post-Punk from Public Practice

Public Practice reanimate the spirit of late ‘70s New York with their playfully angular yet thoughtful brand of no wave-meets-funk and dark disco

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Heartfelt rock from Halifax’s Dance Movie

The latest EP from Tara Thorne’s rock outfit Dance Movie, the band name should give you the sense of themes covered in these fuzzy rockers. The band features members of several other Halifax projects, including Trevor Murphy of Sluice which was featured here a few weeks ago.

DIY Kitchen pop from San Francisco’s The Reds, Pinks and Purples

I’ve been listening to this sweetly, sad track from The Reds, Pinks and Purples for a few months now. It was released as part of an October 2020 album You Might Be Happy Someday. It’s the perfect track for spring days with grey skies and the hopes of the sun breaking through. The prolific artist/band has another soon-to-be released this month through Slumberland records. Keep your eyes peeled for Uncommon Weather.

Wistful indie pop bangers from Brookyn’s Noods

A note of another forthcoming release, Noods’ Blush launches April 16th on Get Better Records. This young Brooklyn 4-piece has been steadily building attention over the last 5 years through a series of well-received EPs and live shows. Blush is their first length.

Sick Day Celebration from Cape Town’s Julia Robert

Celebrate a Sick Day with this bouncy, DIY Punk Track from South Africa. The band has a bandcamp page but not for this track, so you’ll have to dive into the 2021-a-Day playlist to give it a listen.

Their sound incorporates riot grrrl snark, krautrocky passages, bubblegum pop sensibilities and all the stacked fifths. The bass is heavy, the guitars are jagged, the drums are pounding and the vocals are urgent. They love non-linear song structures, linear song structures, anxiety, earnestness and some unashamedly emotional outpourings.

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