Album artwork for Exploding Flowers Stumbling Block

Exploding Flowers | My Poor Heart

New to the playlist today, a bouncy, poppy guitar track from LA’s Exploding Flowers, from their August 2020 released album stumbling blocks.

The four-piece features members who are staples in other southern California bands including current and former members of Alice Bag Band, Future Shoxxx, Cody ChesnuTT, Lassie Foundation, and Ray Barbee. Their previous release was a self-titled album from 2011. In an era when musicians are forced to feed the algorithm with frequent releases, its refreshing to see a band taking the time to do it on their own schedule. The sound of the band has shifted between the two releases, becoming a little more focused in on a clean (The Clean?) indie pop sound, from something that previously had a little more shoegaze/dreampop vibe.

California jangle-pop

Exploding Flowers’ unique brew of jangle pop is akin to ’70s-era Chilton/Bell, mid-’80s New Zealand guitar pop, L.A.’s Paisley Underground, and ’90s noise pop blended, mutated and swirled into their own modern-day hook-filled racket

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Get yourself to the dance floor forthwith. If liked previous 2021-a-Day playlist entries from Strawberry Generation or Kiwi Jr., I think you’ll find something more to enjoy here.