Album artwork for Nervous Twitch's album S/T

Nervous Twitch | Don’t Blame Me

Finish your work week off right with this catchy lo-fi garage punk track from Leeds band Nervous Twitch.

If you like your punk rock short, sweet and catchy than Leeds trio Nervous Twitch is likely for you. Sweet doesn’t mean saccharin: there’s plenty of bite to the guitars, vocals and messages of their lo-fi garage tracks. And they have a lot of them! This track is from their self-titled fourth album (just released on Reckless Yes records), but their bandcamp page features an absolute wall of releases going back as far as 2011.

If you want to get to know the band better beyond this track, check out this post from UK blog Get in Her Ears, which features a recent interview with the band giving 5 tracks that have inspired them. If you liked previous 2021-a-Day playlist tracks from Ribbon Stage or Tough Age, you’ll find something more to enjoy here.