Cover Artwork for Split Single between Asta Rangu and Males

asta rangu | I Dream

Guitar-forward indie rock from New Zealand blasting into your headphones on the playlist today.

asta rangu hails from Dunedin, New Zealand and is primarily the project of guitarist Richard Ley-Hamilton, who has performed with and helmed a number of well-talked about projects in Dunedin over the last few years. This track is part of a split single with another Ley-Hamilton act, Males.

Starting deceptively quietly, I Dream quickly kicks into a crunchy guitar line that then builds to a hooky, head shaking fuzzy-rocker that crashes into its chanted “I Dream” chorus. There’s a lot here that reminds me of some of favourite tracks from my favourite all-time band Superchunk (think Nu Bruises, Ribbon, or Throwing Things) and this track also revels in moving from quiet to loud and back-and-forth again in a way of the best 90s influence indie rock.

Since the rise of Auckland’s The Beths, I’ve been keen to dive in and explore the New Zealand indie music scene but haven’t quite been able to find a way in, but I think that ends here. This split represents the first new music from both asta rangu and Males in a few years – and asta rangu has just returned from a large New Zealand-wide tour – here’s hoping we’ll hear more from them soon.

asta rangu is added to the ongoing 2021-a-Day Spotify playlist today.