Kitty Kat Fan Club | Choked by the Weeds

I wanted to finish the week off with something that feels a bit upbeat, and Kitty Kat Fan Club seems to fit that bill.

The San Jose, California band features a rotating cast of 5-7 members, who have been releasing music since 2016. The band formed, according to their bio, “with the sole intent of getting together weekly to play music and hang out with friends” and their music—a string of singles and a 2019 full-length album—has the upbeat spirit of just that kind of band.

Previous releases have appeared on longtime San Jose label Asian Man records. This track, released one of two released as singles this year, doesn’t appear on Bandcamp yet, but is available on other streaming services. If you want to support the band through bandcamp, you can check out one of their previous releases.

In a year that has seen too little of hanging out with friends, turn this one up and hang out with your new pals Kitty Kat Fan club. Their poppy-punky sounds seem like a good match if you enjoyed previous 2021-a-Day bands The Dare and Teini-Pää, two bands who also seem to share the pals-playing-music-together vibe.