Artwork for Church Girl's 2020 Album The Haunt

Church Girls | The Haunt

Dipping back to a great track from 2020 to start a new week on the 2021-a-Day playlist.

Philadelphia’s Church Girls are 4-piece, indie/post-punk band with releases going back as far as 2014. This short, fast, and energetic title track from The Haunt, which they released last year on Anchor Eighty Four Records, has all the hallmarks of my fave 2021-a-Day playlist tracks. The band was in the midst of a long US tour in support of the album when COVID hit: according to twitter posts, cancelling their remaining shows almost a year ago today.

One year on, if Church Girls aren’t yet on your radar, they should be! Check them out via the Bandcamp link above or as part of the 2021-a-Day playlist. They’ll make a nice pairing with fellow Philly band Corey Flood, our very first track from Dog Day or UK Indie Rockers Wicketkeeper.