Album artwork for Dannika's album Gems

Dannika | Directions

Dannika is a band: Dannika Horvat is the chief creative influence behind it. Gems is Dannika’s first full length album: it was released in January, 5 years after the Melbourne, Australia’s critically acclaimed EP For Peaches.

As musician origin stories go, this one is refreshing in its simplicity:

Dannika purchased herself the cheapest bass she could find. She sat up in her bedroom setting out to make soft, messy feminine rock. After playing some tunes for Liam Parsons (of Good Morning) they decided to add Stefan Blair (also of Good Morning) and Paul Ceraso (of Pauly C Pauly Do) to the band and record what would eventually become For Peaches.

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On Gems, the songs are stripped down and thoughtful, never messy but also never slick and sterile. Quiet bedroom pop with jangy guitar at the foreground with Dannika’s warm and simply delivered vocals carrying the melodies. This is indie music with plenty of art but no artifice.

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