AIKO EL GRUPO | Amigos para nunca (confía y te la lían)

Peppy rock with with an angsty twist from Madrid, Spain.

Since starting in on this blog project this year, I reconnected with Spanish label Elefant Records, one that I hadn’t thought about since a fortunate trip to Madrid more than a decade ago. The prolific indie label has been sharing great Spanish language and international pop since the 1990s and seem to be a big part of the current exciting and expansive Spanish indie pop scene. (As of today their website is down due to a major fire at a data site in France, so you may have to check them out through other sources).

Aiko el Groupo are a young four-piece who write punchy poppy songs for shouting and dancing. Their first full-length Va Totalmente En Serio was released in December and this track comes from it.

Label mates with previous 2021-a-Day playlist band Lisasinson and sharing shouty good vibes All Girls Arson Club and Tough Age. If you liked those tracks, you’ll definitely want to check out Aiko el Groupo via the 2021-a-Day playlist, the bandcamp link above or enjoy this Lord of the Flies meets Wes Anderson video for Amigos para nunca (confía y te la lían)…