Runaway Nuns | Lately

Garage Rock from Cape Town, South Africa added to the playlist today.

Runaway Nuns have been together for about 5 years, releasing (by my quick count) a couple of EPs and now 2 full-length albums. Spit, which this track Lately comes from, came out last May and was meant to be the launch for a European tour which was delayed until (hopefully) this year.

The band labels themselves as “Garage Punk with psychedelic undertones”: they lean to the more rock end of this by my ears, I hear occasion similarities to UK Band Ildes (although maybe I’m laying too much on the vocal styles). If you like big, emphatic punk rock tracks — along the lines of previous 2021-a-Day additions from Fox Face, Personality Cult or Like a Motorcycle — there’s lots here for you.

Check out Runaway Nuns on via the bandcamp link above or on the 2021-a-Day Spotify Playlist.