Strawberry Generation | East George

After a steady week or so of rock, thought it was some time for some jangle pop on the blog and playlist today.

Providence, Rhode Island’s Strawberry Generation are a local band with international connections, with members hailing from Singapore, Belgium and the US. They’ve toured the UK and their 2020 album Afloat (originally released on Sunday Records) was repacked with the 2020 EP Recollections for release on Japanese indie label Test Card Records last summer.

The band formed in 2016 and had a strong line of EPs leading up to their debut full-length Afloat. The five piece produces dreamy, pop songs with surfy guitars underlying. Words like shimmer and glimmer and shine seem to show up a lot in their reviews. If you liked previous 2021 a day tracks Mitte by Jetstream Pony, Glow in the Dark by Mo Dotti, or one of very early posts Danny from Mister Ben & the Bens there’s lots for you to like here.

Check out Strawberry Generation on the 2021-a-Day Spotify playlist or through the bandcamp link above.