Gaadge | Twenty-Two

Get ready for your new favourite lo-fi indie rock band: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Gaadge.

Started in Erie, PA by Mitch Delong, the band began as a home recording project that played occasional shows with a revolving cast, but became more of a formalized group when Delong moved to Pittsburgh in 2016. Gaadge shares members with another Pittsburgh band, Barlow and they released a cassette together in 2018. Pandemics aside, Gaadge has been progressing along, recording and playing shows and this month is about to release Yeah? on cassette and CD through Crafted Sounds.

Lots of 90s vibes here as many of the bands featured on 2021-a-Day seem to have these days: I like this description from Get Alternative’s premiere of this song of the band’s “jittery guitars and off-kilter melodies”. If you liked previous 2021-a-Day playlist tracks In Gloom from Property, Ruh Ruh from ODDLY or Body by Numbing, you’ll find more to like here.