Cluttered | Sink Sink Sink

Finishing off the work week with newish music from a newish project from here in Halifax.

Cluttered first formed to record as part of last fall’s Demofest 2020. The four track self-titled EP features poppy, punky tunes that grew out of the weird year 2020 was. Rereleased through the band’s own bandcamp page this January, the group seems poised to move beyond a one off project and into something more. The four prolific members are already members of several other Halifax projects, what’s one more, right? Recently featured in an Exclaim! article on Canadian Artists to watch, keep your eyes on this one.

Check out Sink Sink Sink on the 2021-a-Day playlist or through the Bandcamp Link above. And hey, it’s Bandcamp Friday too: you know what to do.