Grave Goods | Juice

“This song is amazing,” I just said out-loud to no one while prepping to write this post. Juice by Grave Goods is the latest addition to the 2021-a-Day playlist.

Three-piece act Grave Goods features members from three different cities: Belfast, Manchester and Dublin. The band was formed when two members’ other bands toured together. All three members are affiliated with other bands in their local scenes. Juice is an angular, attitude-y post-punk track that is the band’s only released song and which appears on a compilation of independent Irish bands called A Litany of Failures: Volume III. The compilation was released last October and appears to be a gold mine of interesting music for anyone looking to explore Irish Indie.

2020 was a struggle for so many bands with shows and recording cancelled, fingers crossed we’ll hear more from Grave Goods in 2021.