Kelly McMichael | Out The Window

It’s only Thursday, but it’s already been a long week. Here’s a track for anyone feeling the same way.

St. John’s, based musician Kelly McMichael originally hails from Peterborough, Ontario but now calls Newfoundland home. The multi-instrumentalist performs solo, but also as part of the band Renders and other musical acts from the busy St. John’s music scene. This track, which feels like a 21st Century, east-coast indie infused Heart of Glass, was released two weeks ago as a single and a teaser for an upcoming full length. The song offers a synth-infused, slow-dance-party homage to the idea of ditching the things that bring us down. I’ll take it.

Check out this track on the 2021-a-Day playlist, via the bandcamp link above or through the charming video that follows.