PONY | Couch

PONY (always in all caps) is a Power-Pop band from Toronto, whose upcoming debut full length is already getting quite a bunch of buzz. The band formed in 2014 and previously released an EP called Do You. TV Baby will be released on April 9th on Boston’s Take This to Heart Records.

From their bandcamp page:

“TV Baby”, the debut LP from Toronto power-pop act PONY, feels like it’s programmed from a different era. Driven by vocalist/guitarist Sam Bielanski’s sharp vocal tones and flashy, driving rhythm, the band combines cheeky 1980s style with 1990s self-reliance and modern production sheen for an experience caught between worlds. It’s hooky and vibrant, but don’t mistake exuberance for extroversion. TV Baby is an album dedicated to the indoor cats, the introverts, and those who value their independence above anything else.