Teini-Pää | Koko kuuman kesän

Start your weekend with some Finnish indie rock, the latest add to the 2021-a-day playlist.

Teini-Pää hail from Helsinki. They have a few singles and one EP on their band release pages and play a mix of tracks from DIY punk sounds to more jangly-pop numbers. Last spring they made a splash with their cover of ABBA’s SOS.

Google translate tells me that this song’s title Koko kuuman kesän translates to “All hot summer” – I like to think it’s about the band collectively basking in the glory of their viral hit, but it feels a little more melancholy than that. But for a wintery morning in February, this one feels like a nice through back to breezy summer days. If you liked the Marcos y Molduras track we shared here a few weeks ago, I think you’ll like the vibe of this one too.

And because I know you’re curious now, here’s that ABBA cover…