Kestrels | Vanishing Point

For the 50th track on the 2021-a-Day playlist, we’re back in Nova Scotia for some more great indie rock. A post-a-day for 50 days is a lot of writing, so I’l take a little break today and let this one speak mostly for itself. The bandcamp listing for this one isn’t available for embeds, so instead, I’ll share this video that features a lot of really nice cats.

For over a decade, Kestrels has been the recording project of Halifax, Nova Scotia’s Chad Peck. Dream or Don’t Dream, came out last summer and features Peck on guitars, bass and vocals, accompanied by Michael Catano (North of America, The Plan, The Holy Shroud) on drums. Though the summer release during COVID shutdowns meant that touring didn’t happen, the 10 tracks made for perfect listening during summer roadtrips and socially-distanced back-yard parties. Fingers crossed that next summer we’ll get the live shows too.