Sister Wives | Wandering Along / Rwy’n Crwydro

Up today on the 2021-a-Day Spotify playlist is this track from a bilingual Welsh/English band based out of Sheffield in the UK: Sister Wives.

Although on this blog and related playlist, I tend toward a shouty head banger, a dancey ass-shaker or a pure-pop heart-breaker, I do have an occasional soft spot for a locked in, psych jam zone-out, which is exactly where this track fits.

Sheffield four-piece Sister Wives unified as one in 2018 to conceive wild tales that flit between Welsh and English language, sung over cavernous melodies and hypnotic beats. Their post-punk, prog-flecked psychedelia rumbles deep inside your soul and shames all those who deserve it.”

Spotify Bio

Let’s hope you’re on the side of soul feeding. Check them out via bandcamp above or on the 2021-a-Day Spotify playlist.