Oceanator | Heartbeat

An indie rock Valentine for you from New York’s Oceanator.

Oceanator is Elise Okusami, who has played music since childhood and been in and out of a number of acts before starting to write and record as a solo artist under the Oceanator moniker in 2016.

The 2020 released Things I Never Said is the first full-length Oceanator release after several singles and a self-released debut EP in 2017. This track combines a catchy and intricate guitar line, with simple heartfelt lyrics to create a track that works for Valentine’s Day and any day of the year. Check out Heartbeat on the 2021-a-Day playlist or via the Bandcamp link above.

Things I Never Said was originally released in August of last year, but a vinyl release is pending later this month from Polyvinyl records. And a new video for another track, I Would Find You, was just released.