Like a Motorcycle | Wide Awake

Halifax’s Like A Motorcycle have been rocking their asses off for our listening pleasure for well over 5 years now, and this fall they returned with their second full-length album Dead Broke.

The album was teased early through a series of singles, each with striking cover art featuring stylized shots of fast food. When the record finally dropped in October, the band had used the approach to gain significant attention for a record that was released to much great press but with no opportunity for the sort of wild, raucous live shows that the band is known for.

Wide Awake is an awesome rock anthem: it starts tentatively a single guitar testing the waters, like waking up on a dark winter morning, but quickly layers in more guitar and a pounding kick drum, with the whole song building toward a fevered crescendo that will have you shouting along at by the end.

Check out Like a Motorcycle on the 2021-a-Day Playlist or through the bandcamp link above.