Wicketkeeper | Over and Over

More great indie rock from the UK today, with this track from London’s Wicketkeeper.

With a 90s throwback sound that is all the rage these days, three-piece Wicketkeeper seem a perfect match for the 2021-a-Day playlist. The band describes themselves as “outsider guitar-pop with nods to Pavement and Sebadoh”. The three-piece band doesn’t feature any member consistently on any instrument with all three members playing guitar on some tracks and brothers Simon and Alex Morley switching up drumming duty while Alex and third member Ryan Oxley each take shifts on bass.

Their debut full-length Shonk was released in October 2020 through Meritorio Records who tell us:

Drawn from a collection of over 50 (!) songs written during a few years of Wicketkeeper loosely identifying as a band, Shonk offers a snapshot of their charmingly upbeat indie-rock recorded live in two days … [it] marks the definitive iteration of the band’s disarmingly infectious racket, and while its breezy sonic palette may belie ruminations on the banality of everyday life and the importance of love in the face of certain, eventual death, these are ultimately songs engineered to crack grins; jokes and yarns between pals that we’re all in on.