Gladie | Got Nothing for Ya

Writing this post on a Friday night at the end of a long week, there’s something in both the title and the repeating chorus (“maybe this time I’ll win, maybe this time I’ll win, maybe this time”) that feels very cathartic. I suspect the song is about much deeper/bigger problems that simply feeling defeated at the end of another pandemic week, but one of the pleasures of rock songs is the ability to both understand there is a deeper meaning while simultaneously projecting our own feelings on to them.

For many, I suspect Gladie (whether you knew them before, or are just finding out about them now) are notable for being the once side-project, now main project of, Augusta Koch (formerly of indie icons Cayetana). But for me, somehow that is a band I missed, and I came to Gladie with fresh ears, falling in love with Koch’s lyrics and vocals and then backtracking to the band that others know her more for. This track hails from a December released EP called Raw Nerve (also very relatable).

Gladie is the second Philadelphia band we’ve featured here on the blog and it’s a scene that I hope we’ll be exploring more of in the course of the year. This track is in good company – geographically and acoustically – on the 2021-a-Day playlist. Check it out!