Teenanger | Pleassure

It’s kind of exciting to discover a new-to-me Canadian indie band after all these years. Toronto’s Teenanger have been playing together for more than 10 years. They have a bunch of albums under their belts and, honestly, I’m sure I must have encountered them at some point (they did play Sappyfest in 2014 and I know I was there), but it’s just not coming to me. (Although I won’t rule out that it’s just pandemic stress-brain related forgetfulness … they all look so darn familiar.)

This track, Pleassure features bassist Mellissa Ball on main vocals, not the case with all of their songs as the band mixes lead vocals up from track-to-track. It’s the shortest song the record, but I’ve always gravitated toward short, leave ’em wanting more tracks. There’s nothing better than a song ending and wanting to listen to it again. Done and done (and done).

It’s Bandcamp Day! Grab this track or the whole album from the Bandcamp link above. Give a like to the 2021-a-Day Spotify playlist to hear this one and lots more as we build the playlist over the year.