Jetstream Pony | Mitte

Where I live, we had a huge winter storm yesterday: snow and rain and howling wind. As is often the case on stormy winter days, the mind wanders to sunnier times and hopes that spring is just around the corner. This song from Jetstream Pony, feels like the soundtrack to that hope, all soft, sunny guitars and warm vocals. It feels like spring in a song.

Describing themselves as “Schrammelig post punk and indie-pop”, Jetstream Pony hail from the UK and have been releasing songs since 2016, including a self-titled full-length last year. Google translate tells me Schrammelig means “scruffy” which I like as a musical description quite a bit. The band has ties to lots of other bands whose names you may recognize including Aberdeen, The BVs, Turbocat and, probably most notably, The Wedding Present.

Fave bio detail (of this and potentially any band?): Jet Stream Pony is also a retired racing greyhound, now called Jenna. Hi, Jenna!

Check out Jetstream Pony via the 2021-a-Day Spotify playlist