Personality Cult | Pressure Point

Straight forward punk-rock from North Carolina’s Personality Cult will get you up and moving on a sleepy Tuesday.

Released almost a year ago on Valentine’s Day 2020, New Arrows, which this track Pressure Point comes from, was the band’s first release on the excellent Dirt Nap Records (a label we’ve featured here previously with our second ever post about Fox Face’s Not Your Home). A previous record from the band was largely a solo project of vocalist Ben Carr but is now rounded out as a full band.

From Dirtnap Records

“Fast propulsive punk with hooks for days, and dark undercurrents swirling underneath. While sonically this doesn’t fall too far from what you’d associate with many beloved Dirtnap bands of the past, these guys really nail the delicate balance of taking a familiar sound and putting their own unique spin on it, in the end sounding like nothing but themselves.”

Another of these times when I found it hard to pick just one track. If you like this one, you’ll also want to check out the equally catchy Telephone and really any of the songs on this album.

You can find Pressure Point on the 2021-a-Day Spotify playlist, or check out the full album through the Dirtnap Bandcamp page.