Liines | On and On

Manchester post-punk trio Liines have been together since 2014, releasing singles and developing a name for themselves across the UK. In 2018, they released a full-length album Stop-Start on Reckless, Yes records. Female punk acts are always compared to Sleater Kinney, but here there is something beyond just the strong female vocals that seems to make that comparison valid, particularly if One Beat is your frame of reference. Although the addition of prominent, growly bass adds a different layer to the sound.

This track, On and On was originally released as a digital single in 2019 and again in November 2020 on a 7 inch with another track called Sorry (black vinyl 7inch still available from the label).

The band is acclaimed for their live show and surely must be waiting – as we all are – for the return of safe, frequent concerts. In the meantime, give them a spin on bandcamp or on the 2021-a-Day playlist.