Dummy | Pool Dizzy

Dummy is a five-piece band from LA. In a pandemic year, Dummy managed to release 2 EPS: this track Pool Dizzy, comes from the Aptly named EP 2. With spiralling synths, steady drums and intertwined harmonies, this one is drawing from the Stereolab well amongst other musical influences. Yes, please: more of this.

Spoiler alert: the mid-track break down grows with intensity until it comes crashing back in the most satisfying way.

From their bandcamp bio:

Featuring a mix of screeching feedback-laden pop songs woven with non-sequitur ambient soundscapes, “EP2” sees the band further developing their drone-pop style with inspiration taken from kosmische, Japanese ambient, new age, and video game music. Recorded mostly at home using freeware and a smartphone…”

The full EP is definitely worth a listen: a mix of similar synthy pop sounds and some more experimental tracks. The cassette edition of EP 2 was released by Born Yesterday Records but you can still buy the EP digitally for the low, low price of $1. Check them out here on the 21 a Day playlist and then make the investment.