Radical Dads | Don’t Wanna Go

Brooklyn-based 3-piece Radical Dads have been making music for awhile. Their first 7-inch record Recklessness b/w I am the Father of Myself was released in 2010. They’ve released multiple LPs, EPs, cassettes and 7 inches in the time since or so says their Wikipedia entry. (Total digression: I don’t know why, but I am delighted by indie bands with Wikipedia pages. Truly, sincerely, delighted.)

Radical Dads play the kind of scrappy-on-purpose indie rock that is my bread and butter. This track, Don’t Wanna Go features shouty vocals, lots of ride cymbal and, as Post-Trash said in their debut of the track last May, an “opening with a tattered guitar line that sounds somewhere between rust and bliss”. Also, the song is Moby Dick adjacent? The only thing that delights me more than a Wikipedia page is a good literary reference.

Don’t Wanna Go is one of several singles from Paved Mountain, released last June: their first full length in 5 or so years, after having taken a little bit of a recording hiatus.

Start your week off on the right foot with this track, newly added to the 2021 A Day Spotify Playlist