Cartalk | Sleep

Cartalk is a band. But Cartalk is also very much the project of guitarist, vocalist and composer Chuck Moore. Hailing from LA, Cartalk’s Pass Like Pollen is their first full-length, released this past October. The credits list a full slate of performers, but one very much get’s the sense that this is Moore’s project and a very personal one at that.

Sleep is the final track of the album, and was actually released as far back as 2019 as a single. It’s a sneaky little song, with a sleepy start that seems to echo its title, but which progresses over the first minute and a half to become something that is quite different than the initial suggestion. From Cartalk’s press bio:

…closing track “Sleep” hangs on Moore’s deeply felt vocals and a driving melodic backbone to provide a cathartic sense of closure—both to the album itself, and to the experiences that brought Moore to this point in their life. “It’s about looking back at what was, as well as the objects that are still there that bring me back to that time,” they explain. “I hold on to things that I don’t necessarily need to hold on to. Objects are tangible memories that trick yourself into thinking that person is still with you—but when you let them go, you realize that the person is still a part of your life.”

Larry Fitzmaurice, 2020