Peeling | Cold Hands

Peeling makes goth-y post punk sounds that feel perfect for a sleepy, snowy Saturday. Or at least this track, Cold Hands feels that way.

The once labelled super-group, Peeling is now billed as a solo project, the product of the efforts of Anna Timoshenko who founded the band in 2016. Worshipper, released in November (which this track comes from), was produced by Timoshenko and released on her own label Labyrinth Records. Despite being a solo effort, the tracks feature a full band sound: Timoshenko is a multi-instrumentalist and was joined in the recording by Preoccupations drummer Mike Wallace.

Honestly, it was a toss up for me if I would pick this track or the slightly more menacing Dread, whose bass line will leave you haunted. You should probably just check that one out too. And while you’re doubling up, it worth mentioning that this is the second track from a Toronto artist we’ve featured on the blog, having shared a track from Blanks earlier this week. Stay inside and warm up and listen to indie artists on the 2021 a Day spotify playlist.