Marcos y Molduras | La de Parks

Madrid 2-piece pop band Marcos y Molduras seem to have more single releases than English language reviews, so while I can share this charming pop track La de Parks here today, I have surprisingly little to tell you about them.

The album this track comes from, Te Espero en Casa was released in April 2020 on Discos de Kirlian a Barcelona indie label of A.O.P. (Adult Oriented Pop) that seems to have started around 2011. The songs on Te Espero en Casa move comfortably between quiet slow tracks and this more upbeat pop, but all have the same stripped down, DIY sound. The album appears to be the first full-length from the band who have a number of singles on their bandcamp page.

A nice bit of poppy-international-mystery added to the 2021 a day Spotify Playlist to round out your work week.

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