Lucie, Too | Chime

Digging a little further back in the Indie Music archive with today’s post, Chime a 2019 track from Japan’s Lucie, Too.

Hailing from Utsunomiya, a small (by Japanese standards) city a few hours North of Tokyo, Lucie, Too has been playing rock and pop music together since about 2017. A three piece at its inception, the original line up featured Chisato Kokubo as vocals/guitar, Naho Shibahara on drums and Kanako Sekizawa on bass. At some point in 2019/2020 Sekizawa left the band, and via their Facebook page, Lucie, Too recently announced a new member just in time for their first-in-a-while show this past fall.

The band has newer releases than this track, but I’m partial to the more upbeat, rock feel of this one. Plus it allows me to share a link to this charming video.

Check them out via the links provided or on the 2021 a Day Spotify Playlist.