Blanks | Red Tide

Up today, another Canadian addition to the 2021aDay Spotify playlist.

If you’ve wondered what New Wave meets Indie Rock might sound like, Toronto’s Blanks and their August 2020 EP Beyond These Walls may give you an answer to the question.

Red Tide, from that EP, jumps out the gate with emphatic guitar chords and bright snare, but for me the bass line is the real ear catcher – the contrast between the distinct higher end bass line as the verse begins and the more rounded out low end through the chorus. This is a track to get you dancing around the house while you’re on quarantine lock down.

As a band, 4-piece Blanks (Lewis Caunter, Guitar/Vocals; Stanley Raul, Drums/Vocals; Toby Keymer Keyboard/Guitar/Vocals; Dylan Taylor, Bass/Vocals) seem to have been around since at least 2018, the earliest dates for tracks on their Bandcamp page. A year ago or so, they were included in an Exclaim! live concert series called Class of 2020 (can’t help but notice there are no Atlantic Canadian dates on that event poster, but I digress…). Another band whose momentum was inevitably slowed by COVID’s arrival, although a video release and the summer EP and kept the ball rolling and they have some hopeful dates listed on their Bandcamp page for May in Europe.