Es | Off the Rails

Start the week off with this delightfully discordant track from London, UK 4 piece Es.

Off The Rails comes from the band’s first length, Less of Everything, released last April on the UK label/collective Upset the Rhythm. I was interested to read that this was recorded with Lindsay Corstorphine, guitarist in another fave UK band of mine, Sauna Youth. Es has been around quite a bit longer than the Less of Everything release date might suggest however, having released a previous EP in 2016 and playing extensively on the London DIY scene and across the UK in the time since.

From the label, “…the dynamic between Cotterell’s bass and Watters’ keyboard is at the heart of Less of Everything’s sound: intertwining sub-zero melodies, gothic anarcho-punk influences… Es are a group who know how to leave space, how to strive for minimalism without sacrificing aggression or dynamism.”

Check them out through the bandcamp link below, or via the 2021 a Day Spotify playlist.