Lande Hekt | 80 Days of Rain

Sundays always feel a little melancholy to me, so the wistful sounds of Lande Hekt‘s 80 Days of Rain feel like a perfect song for Sunday.

If you recognize the vocalist on 80 Days of Rain, you may be a fan of Lande Hekt’s main musical outlet, Muncie Girls. That band has been around since 2010; formed when Hekt was a college student. While Muncie Girls has released 2 albums and 2 EPs in the ten years they’ve been together, this is Hekt’s first solo release. This track was released in back in October in advance of a full length album Going to Hell that is coming out this week on Get Better Records.

If you are familiar with Muncie Girls’ guitar driven punk/rock, this one may feel a little more stripped down and melodic even though it still fits firmly in a punk aesthetic. Hekt’s sincere, emotive vocal delivery works well in both formats. From her Spotify bio, these are “solo songs about queerness, sobriety, displacement, anxiety and hating Tories.”

Check out this track and the album in full (including orange vinyl available from the label) on January 22nd.