All Girls Arson Club | Skyscanner

Long-live the two-piece punk band!

All Girls Arson Club are Alice Seed (vocals, guitar, bass) and India Garry (vocals, drums) originally of Sheffield, UK and now based out of Manchester. This self-described “riotous .. garage rock band” released the five-song “No Duh” EP in back in November. This is fun, straight forward punk rock, with crunchy guitar and talk-sung doubled vocals.

The lyrics for this one celebrate the adventure and pleasures of travel “If I don’t feel the sand between my toes soon: I’m gonna lose my mind”. Writing from Canada in January in a year when winter getaways aren’t in the cards, these are lyrics I can get behind. Oof, or on second read, maybe they are a searing critique of our need to mindlessly travel to far flung destinations. Oh punk rock: this is why I love you.