Hypoluxo | Nimbus

Brooklyn-based Hypoluxo released their third album (which happens to be self-titled) in November and got a lot of late year attention in indie presses with features in Stereogum, Paste Magazine and more. I believe I came across them as a late entry on a best of 2020 list.

With talk-shouted lyrics, angular guitars and a certain kind of attitude, Hypoluxo take me back to pre-pandemic times, walking the streets of New York City in awe of the cool of absolutely everything.

In an in-depth album preview, Flood Magazine, via band member Samuel Cogan described that what this song, Nimbus “really gets at is a sort of deadening/dehumanizing feeling you can hit as you scrape by in an unforgiving metropolis, serving the wealthier denizens who seem to glide through their existence here so much more easily.” Music for the times.