Lisasinson | Canción Para Mi Crush

Spanish 4-piece Lisasinson bill themselves as “punky pop” and that feels about right: a little too much edge to be considered pure pop, but slightly too melodic to be called punk straight-out. It’s a mix that works and has been gaining this young band attention in Spain and abroad.

From their label Elefant Records: “LISASINSON is a graphic and musical project that started in November 2018 at the Fine Arts campus in Valencia, with Miriam (vocals and guitar), Mar (vocals and guitar) and María (drums and backing vocals), later Roser would join (bass and chorus). They quickly found their identity: punk drum lines, pop guitar melodies, brazen lyrics…”

The band’s output to this point has been a number of singles and mini-EPs: 6 songs in total.This track, Canción Para Mi Crush (Song for my Crush), has a nice mix of energies, starting mellow but building in intensity and volume and cycling through that pattern. Rumours of an album coming this summer – the perfect season for punky pop!