Tulips | Sinking In

I know almost nothing about Cologne, Germany’s Tulips save that I have enjoyed a few of their punk-inflected, synth-y songs since discovering the single track Du back in early summer. Their facebook page shares a few reviews and cancelled show notices, but having barely made it through my first-year university German course 20+ years ago, I can’t tell you what they say.

From their Spotify bio they share a joyous photo that seems to capture all of the fun of being in a band with friends, and say they are a “wave punk dark synth pop whatever band …. D.I.Y. or die!” which seems to say almost nothing but also everything you need to know. Their bandcamp shows a 2018 EP, the aforementioned single and the LP Easy Games which the track below comes from. Easy Games was released in April 2020 on Contraszt! Records a label that bills itself as a “a politcal project that takes a clear antifascist, antiracist, anticapitalist, antisexist and pro-feminist stand”. More of this for 2021, please.