Self-Cut Bangs | Pillow Talk

Start the work week off with some crunchy guitars and driving beats courtesy of Calgary, Alberta’s Self-Cut Bangs.

Never underestimate the power of a catchy, clever band name to pull a listener in. I love the DIY feel of this moniker and there is a similar feel to the tracks on their September 2020 released self-titled debut: simple, straight-ahead rock and roll here. I’ve picked the lead-off track, but the album is packed end-to-end with home dance party hits.

Self-Cut Bangs is a duo of Cayley O’Neill and Shawn Petsche both of whom perform with other Calgary bands, O’Neill as keyboardist and vocalist in Dark Time and Petsche in Napalmpom.

From Self-Cut Bangs bio: “Self-Cut Bangs write songs that don’t wear out their welcome. Big hooks, guitars and hearts.”