Mr Ben & the Bens | Danny

Sundays should be for something a little lighter, I think and this track from the UK’s Mr Ben & the Bens feels like a delightful soundtrack to the first Sunday of the year.

I was first introduced to this band through a birthday gift: a vinyl single of the track Nova Scotia sent to me from a friend in England. There is no better way to win the affection of distant fans than to pen an ode to their local music scene, but without additional substance that early affection can quickly dissipate.

Not so with Mr Ben and the Bens, whose output continues to be what I can only call endlessly charming. And there is a lot of output there: two full lengths in the last two years Who Knows Jenny Jones in 2019 and Life Drawing in summer 2020. This track Danny, hails from the latter.

From their bandcamp bio: “Born as a recording project in a barn in Lancashire in 2012, Ben Hall recorded and self released 7 albums under Mr Ben. Now a complete outfit Mr Ben & the Bens sound like they were baptised in water from the church of indie classics…” I’ll let you pick which indie classics you tie them to.