Fox Face | Not Your Home

Four-piece punk rock outfit Fox Face hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is about to release an album titled End of Man on January 22 on Dirtnap Records.

The first single Not Your Home was released back in November and is the kind of gritty, growly punk music that, pre-COVID, you could imagine blasting with energy and urgency from the dark stage of a small basement bar. While we’re waiting for those days to come back, the band has a creepy and fun black and white video for Not Your Home that can help you get a feel for their aesthetic.

There’s a freshness to this song but also a maturity: Fox Face has a previous full-length, 2017’s Spoil + Destroy and their bio indicates that the band has been playing in various incarnations since the early 2010s. Spoil + Destroy was a local favourite release, getting a nod from the Milwaukee Record as a best local album of 2017. The site has similarly sung the praises of the first two singles in advance of the End of Man, citing the “chugging guitars, screeching solos, pounding percussion, and infectious hooks you’ve come to know and love from Fox Face.”

Turn this one up – it deserves to be played loud.