Dog Day | Inner Space

I thought a lot about what a first post for this blog should be. Firsts like this are big decisions: for a short while they represent everything about a project. In a blog like this, how can I sum it all up in just one song? And while I thought a lot, the answer was actually pretty close at hand.

I’ve lived in Halifax, NS for longer than I might care to admit. I was here in the 90s when people talked about the other Seattle. I was at the 2nd Halifax Pop Explosion (too young for the first, although I’ve got a poster somewhere.) I’ve managed to spend more than 25 years following local bands and the scene through various incarnations and ebbs and flows, and for more than half of those years that has included being a huge fan of Dog Day. Like so many fans, I’ve spent the last few years (since 2013’s Fade Out) hoping, hoping that there would be new music soon, and in 2018, when the band played Sappyfest in a new configuration, that collective anticipation finally had an end in sight.

Released this past August, Present came at a time when something both new and familiar was exactly what was needed. You’ve maybe already heard the album or one of the two singles Hell On Earth and Pictures, both excellent tracks, but I’ve chosen the deeper cut Inner Space to share here to start 2021 a Day.

If you know Dog Day already, this should give you a bit of a sense of what I’ll be sharing here on this blog – a little bit rock, a whole lot DIY/indie, a dash of punk aesthetic. If you don’t know Dog Day already, now you do: welcome to 2021 and let this be the soundtrack to the start of a better year.