Welcome to 2021 a Day!

Oh, hey there! Thanks for stopping by.

As 2020 comes to an end, I’m fairly certain we are almost all happy to say goodbye to it. Leading into the last weeks of this year, I was hoping to give myself a little project for the start of a new year. Something to give me some focus and challenge while also giving me a chance to explore; an anchor in a world that feels a bit unmoored. 2021 a Day is what I’ve landed on.

I spend a lot of time listening to music. I’m always amazed by how much music is out there: yet I’m also often similarly amazed by how difficult it is to find music that interests me. I don’t find algorithmic suggestions very useful: they always seem to miss the nuance of what makes something great to me and suggest things that don’t match up. They favour bands I’ve already heard of or make connections between indie artists that aren’t based on what the music sounds like – I’m so tired of being suggested two bands because they are both Canadian when they have nothing else in common.

As a result, I spend a lot of time combing the internet for new music. I love the feeling of stumbling upon a gem of a track from an indie band in a small town far from my own. I often create playlists or share songs and artists with my friends. 2021 a Day is born out of that instinct: to find and share new music. Pretty simple.

So, who is this blog for?

Honestly, like all blogs, it’s kind of for me, isn’t it? A place to store the music I find and love. But if we share similar music tastes, maybe it will be for you too. Give it a week or two and my tastes will probably be evident, but I can tell you that it leans toward rock, punk, and pop from lesser known artists. I like guitars that are crunchy or jangly, and a driving drum beat (bonus points if there’s lots of floor tom).

I’ve never been someone that is particularly good at describing music: I like what I like and I’m happy to share, but ask me what it sounds like and I often draw a blank. That’s part of the challenge to myself of this blog: to get better at writing about music. So, at first, don’t count on a lot of writing, but maybe that will come. What I will give is links to Bandcamp pages and an ongoing Spotify playlist (it’s over there on the right): if you hear something you like, support those artists by giving them a spin, buying a track, adding them to a playlist of your own, seeking them out on the streaming service you use, and/or sharing with your friends.

And that’s it. Thanks again for dropping by: happy listening and discovery! See you tomorrow for track 1!